Black Wing I

Experimenting with (mostly) black pigments

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Work in proGRess II

Further addition of colours (tempera) the canvas shows signs of tension because some parts are wet and others are not.

Further addition of colours (tempera) the canvas shows signs of tension because some parts are wet and others are not.

Carte de Visite exhibition - Globe Aroma - Art, undocumented migrants, law, activism?

Yesterday was a milestone of sorts as it was the first time I exhibit my work to the broarder public, therefore going beyond showing it at home, or exhibition at the Academy at the end of the year.

The exhibition is called Carte de Visite and showcases the work of 300 artists from the city of Brussels (1000 BE).

Having to mount the artwork in the space, confronted me with questions of how to showcase my work, as well as a sense of wondering about the perceptions of spectators. But confrotations would not end there.

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Expo carte de visite 2018.2.JPG

Yesterday, after a long work week, gathering remaining energies to go to the vernissage, I was surprised at the crowd it had drawn, as well as about the quality of the works of fellow artists.

I had almost ended checking the first floor (there are 5 floors in total), when someone took a horn to announce that one of the exhibiting artists, who was a "sans-papiers" (undocumented migrants) had been arrested by the police a couple of hours ago at an association, following a perquisition in an artistic association.

The association is called Globe Aroma and promotes exchanges between artists, including those without papers... 7 people were arrested.

I went with a group of people to check what could be done at the local police office, but to no avail. Without going into details, this was a wake-up call as to the real world we are living in, the fact that there is no respite even in art, no safe-havens.

Sadness for the fact that even movements of civil society are being targeted. Such actions would probably not even stand the test of legality (Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights).

The erosion of rights and democracy is worrisome.

The vernissage and free drinks gone, this will be for another day another place.

Back to basics

Last Saturday the painting year at the Academie de la Ville de Bruxelles, started for me with fresh "cooking lessons".

Thus, I am now learning about making:

- colours based on pigments and eggs (the animal lover in me is not happy but the artist accepts it for the time being, and is sure veggie alternatives do exist and will be explored);

- watercolours; and

- coatings based on glue-like materials and chalk.

As well as tips as to where to find materials. In Brussels, "Droguerie le Lion" is the place to go!

This week we "made" watercolours, based on a mixture of honey, arabic gum and glycerine, with pigments, I tried my hand at drawing the skull of a moose, brought by the teacher.

Warming up the glue/binder...

Warming up the glue/binder...

Self-made watercolours

Self-made watercolours

Trying out the freshly made watercolours...

Trying out the freshly made watercolours...



Moving Beyond

Spontaneously arisen movements of the hand, gracefully, you sit... just long enough for the making of this painting before melting again in a whirlwind of blue.